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What started as a casual participation in Monday night drum circles, was blossomed into the love of playing Daf. 
When one sees Jalal Kimia, put his heart and soul in playing his instrument, you know what I mean. 
A true teacher in heart and a great artist in his craft. A unique combination that makes learning playing Daf a worthy challenge with his measured guidance and planned lessons for your level. Try it and you'll see!

          -   Gita Irani

Master Jalal Kimia is not only a super patient, understanding & fun instructor but also an amazing human being and I am honored to be one of his students. If you are looking for a great inspiring teacher to learn Daf from, I 100% recommend to take lessons with him.  

          -   Mona Selahvarzi

I owe a big part of what I know on the Riqq to Ustaz Jalal. And its an even more impressive testament to his teaching abilities that he has actually never taught me a single technique on the Riqq.  
Yet, I am lucky that he has shared his tremendous percussive knowledge with me, both verbally, but also in terms of inspiring and contagious energy watching him perform. 
Watching him solo puts everyone in a captivating trance unlike anything I have experienced. 
If you have ever wanted to learn the Persian Daf, Tombak, Cajon, Frame Drums or world Percussions, I highly recommend you reach out to him for in-person lessons in the DC area or Skype lessons all over the world. 

          -   Haytham Vlachos

I've been privileged to learn from Master Jalal Kimia. I recommend him to anyone who has a passion for this Mystical instrument, Daf. 
If you have a passion for Daf and Drumming, Jalal Kimia is your man! Call him. 

          -   Fereshteh Roshan

Jalal Kimia combined skill, experience and love for music makes him a highly qualified percussion teacher. His lovefor music is contagious and inspires you to put more time into your music. Since taking Daf (Frame Drum) lessons with Jalal last fall, I have seen various areas of my playing improve.

He is experienced in many different musical instruments. It does not matter if you are just starting or advanced, Jalal will take your Daf playing to a whole new level. He takes each lesson personally and invests his time and energy to improve your playing. A special feature of his teaching style is that from day one, he encourages students to be creative and participate in real musical events. I recommend Jalal to any serious musician who wants to take their playing to the next level. 

          -   Mahnaz Fatemi

Jalal is a great teacher that constantly comes up with different and creative ways to explain a concept to you. He actively listens to your playing and spot problems as they’re occurring, then, of course, he's there to help you solve those problems.

He understands how to make music lessons fun and enjoyable, even with the hard work. He has a positive attitude that can help you when you’re frustrated and reassure you when you doubt yourself. We always leave each lesson with specific assignments to work on during our practice sessions. He definitely knows how to select pieces that challenge you without completely overwhelming you. Above all else, Jalal is a great teacher who has a genuine love of music, and of teaching. 

          -   Shiva Esparham

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