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Welcome to Percussion Academy Classes! Below is a brief description of the classes along with the fee schedule.

If you are interested in learning to play a new instrument (Daf, Tombak, Dayereh, Frame drum, etc.), we are here to help.

During the sessions, not only will you learn to play the instrument, but you will also learn to understand the fundamentals of Music Theory, Rhythm Theory, techniques to be able to play with your favorite music piece, and to be able to play in a group. We will teach you reading and writing notes, how to improvise, how to play solo, or with another instrument being played.

You will learn to go with your own flow such that the sessions won’t feel like a class but more like meditation. In this world, music is a powerful tool which can be used to bring peace within ourselves, and therefore within our society.

In addition to our sessions, there will be yearly recitals available that you will be able to perform in a group or alone in front of your friends and family. This will motivate you to practice more and show off to people close to you how much you have learned, and your love for music!

There are classes for all levels; beginners, intermediate and advanced. Via our Daf circle, you can connect to other people who play similar to your level and enjoy playing music together.



*  We highly recommend taking weekly classes. If weekly sessions do not work with your schedule, we are flexible and can offer bi-weekly sessions.

Online Sessions:

  • 40 minutes session = $40

  • 50 minutes session = $50

In-person sessions (in studio located in Burke, VA)

  • 45 minutes session = $40

In-Person sessions (at student’s location)

  • 60 minutes session = $60

In-person for a group of two or more people (at student’s location)

  • 90 minutes session = $80

Fees are collected one month in advance. If you wish to cancel for any reason, please give two weeks advance notice.

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