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Rumi Daf Ensemble's Unforgettable Concert

Celebrating Art, Culture, and Unity

We are thrilled to share the remarkable success of the first-ever concert by the Rumi Daf Ensemble, held at the prestigious F. Scott Fitzgerald Theater in Rockville, Maryland.

Countless hours of dedication and hard work were poured into crafting this extraordinary musical experience. Our ensemble invested significant time and effort in rehearsals, meticulously preparing for the event that would showcase the depth and richness of Persian percussion.

The concert repertoire was truly exceptional, consisting entirely of original compositions created exclusively for the Rumi Daf Ensemble. Renowned composer Jalal Kimia expertly penned these compositions specifically for a percussion orchestra, capturing the essence of the Daf's Maqams. Additionally, the majority of the songs were adorned with the soul-stirring poetry of Molana, adding a profound layer of emotion to our performance.

The response from the audience was overwhelming, with over 400 individuals, both Iranian and non-Iranian, in attendance. The tremendous support led to a sold-out event weeks before the concert, further highlighting the anticipation and excitement surrounding our unique musical offering.

The significance of our concert extended beyond the theater walls. Distinguished media outlets, such as "BBC", recognized the cultural importance of the event and provided coverage. We invite you to explore their report, which showcases the Rumi Daf Ensemble's commitment to representing Persian art and culture to a global audience.

Our mission is deeply rooted in the desire to be a bridge between the East and the West, using music as a unifying force. We believe that music transcends borders and has the power to unite people from diverse backgrounds. Through our performances, we aim to share the beauty of Persian art and culture with the world, fostering greater understanding and appreciation.

We are immensely proud of our debut concert and the positive impact it has had. Stay connected with us to learn more about future events as we continue our journey of representing our art, culture, and the unifying power of music to audiences around the globe.

Rumi Daf Ensemble

Concert 2022


Jalal Kimia


Ali Zebhideh

Daf Players

Vahid Shaboui, Mitra Ahi, Kaveh Ghofrani, Mahnaz Fatemi, Gita irani, Shiva  Esparham, Meraj Rahimi, Mona Selahvarzi, Ruhi Afnan, Sharareh Bagherzadeh, Leila Yahyapour, Rosa Sherafat, Mojgan Charkhi, Ashkan Kashani

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