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Jalal Kimia a skilled Persian percussionist from Iran, commenced his musical journey under the guidance of mentors Dariush Eshaghi, Meysam Afshin, and later, Pejman Hadadi.

As a dedicated music educator, he founded the Kimia Percussion Academy and leads the renowned Rumi Daf Ensemble. Alongside his contributions to education and ensemble leadership, Jalal has performed with many bands in various music genres since 1999. Through performances, workshops, and community drum circles, he demonstrates his passion and expertise, fostering a global appreciation for Persian percussion.

Teaching and Education: Jalal's passion for music education led him to start teaching Persian percussion in 2005, first at the Nima Music Institute in Iran and later in Washington D.C. He collaborated with various institutions, including Ava Music School, Studio Muse, and IACC Music Institute, teaching students of all ages and skill levels.

In addition to his music teaching, he has founded the Kimia Percussion Academy, a distinguished institution focusing on teaching percussion in private and group classes. The academy also hosts events like concerts and recitals, nurturing the next generation of percussionists.

Workshops: Jalal is committed to sharing his knowledge and expertise. He regularly conducts workshops at the University of Maryland's "School of Language" and Georgetown University's "Persian Study Program," where he imparts his love for the Daf and other Persian percussion instruments. One notable milestone was his leadership in a captivating Daf workshop at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, contributing to the preservation and promotion of Persian musical traditions.

Rumi Daf Ensemble: In 2018, Jalal founded the Rumi Daf Ensemble in the Washington D.C. area, bringing together his most accomplished students and professional percussionists. The ensemble embodies Jalal's passion and vision, aiming to elevate the Daf as a cultural symbol for both Iranian and non-Iranian audiences in the United States. Since its inception, the Rumi Daf Ensemble has graced various prestigious venues, including the Carnegie Institute for Science, Virginia Tech University, and the FOPCA conference in Chicago. The ensemble's annual concert in 2022 was held at the F. Scott Fitzgerald Theater, testament to Jalal's inspirational leadership and his role in inspiring future generations to pursue their musical aspirations.

Community Organizer: Jalal is not only a musician but also a dedicated community organizer. Since 2017, he has been organizing soul-stirring Daf circles, emphasizing the healing power of percussion and the profound connections music can foster among people. These circles have had a lasting impact at various locations, including the Iranian American Community Center, The Beloved Yoga Center in Virginia, and the Thrive Yoga Center in Maryland. Jalal has created a unique space through his drum circles, where individuals come together to experience the transformative power of music, promoting mental and emotional well-being through community-based activities.

Performances: Furthermore, Jalal has graced various stages as a percussionist, performing with a diverse range of ensembles, including Iranian traditional groups, folk music bands, and non-Iranian bands like Simorq, Koobang, Bamdad, Pejvak, Delshodegan, and DC Café Amon since 1999.

Notably, he collaborated in the mesmerizing Dustless Ocean concert with Pejman Hadadi, Alireza Shahmohamadi, Behfar Bahadoran, and Sirvan Manhoobi.

Notable Performances:

  • Performance in the "Dustless Ocean" Concert alongside master Pejman Hadadi, Alireza Shahmohamadi, Behfar Bahadoran and Sirvan Manhoobi - 2023

  • Rumi Daf Ensemble concert at F. Scott Fitzgerald Theater in Maryland - 2022

  • Performance with DC Café Amon band (led by Spyros Koliavasilis) at the Turkish Festival at WHARRF DC - 2021

  • Performance for FOPCA conference in Chicago - 2020

  • Concerts with Rasa ensemble in Virginia - 2018 and 2019

  • "From an Ancient Legacy" concert composed by Mehdi Bagheri - 2018

  • Participation in Baltimore Rhythm Festival - 2017

  • Concert with Pejvak Ensemble composed by Behfar Bahadoran at Richard Ernst Art Center - 2017

  • Concert with Delnawa Ensemble at NOVA in Virginia - 2016

  • Participation in Fiesta Asia Festival in Washington D.C. - 2016

  • Concerts with 'Delshodegan Ensemble" composed by Ramin Milani in Iran - 2010 and 2013

  • Participation in “Iran_Thailand Art & Cultural Festival” in Ayutthaya - 2012

  • Concert with Simorq Percussion Ensemble (led by Meysam Afshin) - 2008

  • Concert with "Poordastan Percussion Ensemble" - 2005

  • Concert with "Koobang Percussion Ensemble" composed by Dariush Eshaghi - 2005

  • Concert with Bamdad Ensemble in Iran - 2004

  • Concert with Hezardastan Ensemble - 2003

  • Participation in North Khorasan Maqams Festival in Bojnord - 2002

  • Participation in Piraan Changi Festival in Quchan - 2001

  • Performance with Hezardastan Daf Ensemble – 1999

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